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Relating to Others

Some of the best preaching is done by holding the tongue.

We naturally admire the wisdom & good judgement of those who come to us for advice.


Slippery ice, very thin.

Pretty girl tumbled in.

Saw a boy upon the bank--

Gave a shriek, & then she sank.

Boy on bank heard her shout,

Jumped right in -- helped her out.

Now they're lovers -- very nice;

But first she had to break the ice.


Ten Commandments of Human Relations:

  1. Speak to people. There is nothing as nice as a cheerful word of greeting.
  2. Smile at people. It takes 72 muscles to frown; 14 to smile.
  3. Call people by name. The sweetest music is the sound of his own name.
  4. Be friendly and helpful.
  5. Be cordial. Speak and act as if everything you do is a genuine pleasure.
  6. Be genuinely interested in people.
  7. Be generous with praise -  cautious with criticism.
  8. Be considerate of the feelings of others. It will be appreciated.
  9. Be thoughtful of the opinions of others. There are three sides to a controversy - yours, the other fellow's, and the right one.
  10. Be alert to give service. What counts most in life is what we do for others.


It's difficult to inspire others to accomplish what you haven't been willing to try.


Once a king dreamed that all his teeth had fallen out. Immediately he sent for one of his soothsayers to interpret the meaning of the vision. With a sad countenance and mournful voice, the soothsayer told the monarch that the dream meant that all his relatives would die and that he would be left alone. This angered the king and he drove the servant from his presence.

Another was called and the king told him of the dream. At this, the wise man smiled, and replied, "Rejoice, O King; the dream means that you will live yet many years. In  fact you will outlive all your relatives." This pleased the king a great deal, and in his joy he gave the interpreter a rich reward. The two men had said, in different ways the same thing.


People make enemies by complaining too much to their friends.

The six most important words:

"I admit I made a mistake."

The five most important words:

"I am proud of you."

The four most important words:

"What is your opinion?"

The three most important words:

"I love you."

The two most important words:

"Thank you."

The most important word:


The least  important word:



Criticism from a friend is better than flattery from an enemy.


A careless word may kindle strife.

A cruel word may wreck a life,

A bitter word may hate instill;

A brutal word may smite and kill.

A gracious word may smooth the way;

A joyous word may light the day.

A timely word may lessen stress;

A loving word may heal and bless.


There are many tears in the heart that never reach the eye.


On a sightseeing trip on Florida's west coast, my husband and I visited an old mansion. In the exquisitely furnished master bedroom, we were surprised to see signs on the bedspread and curtains reading: "WASH HANDS IMMEDIATELY AFTER TOUCHING." We admired the furnishings from a safe distance, but our curiosity was aroused; so, on leaving, I decided to ask the guard if the fabric had been treated with some harmful preserving chemical. "Oh, no, ma'am," he said, grinning. "There's nothing on 'em. We just never did have much luck with the 'Do not touch' signs."


Charm is the ability to make someone else think that both of you are pretty wonderful.


A gentle Quaker, hearing a strange noise in his house one night, got up and discovered a burglar busily at work. So he went and got his gun, then came back and stood quietly in the doorway. "Friend," he said, "I would do thee no harm for the world, but thee standest where I am about to shoot."


The head has not heard until the heart has listened.



Does the grouch get richer quicker than the friendly sort of man?

Can the grumbler labour better than the cheerful fellow can?

Is the mean and churlish neighbor any cleverer than the one

Who shouts a glad "good morning", and then smiling passes on?

Just stop and think about it. Have  you ever known or seen

A mean man who succeeded, just because he was so mean?

When you find a grouch with honors and with money in his pouch,

You can bet he didn't win them just because he was a grouch.

Oh, you'll not be any poorer if you smile along your way,

And your lot will not be harder for the kindly things you say.

Don't imagine you are wasting time for others that you spend:

You can rise to wealth and glory and still pause to be a friend.


You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Truth is always strong, no matter how weak it looks, & falsehood is always weak, no matter how strong it looks.

I have to live with myself, and so

I want to be fit for myself to know,

I want to be able, as days go by,

Always to look myself straight in the eye;

I don't want to stand, with the setting sun,

And hate myself for the things I've done.

I don't want to keep on a closet shelf,

A lot of secrets about myself,

And fool myself, as I come and go,

Into thinking that nobody else will know

The kind of a man that i really am;

I don't want to dress up myself in sham.

I want to live life with my head erect,

I want to act good to deserve your respect;

And make you think I'm better'n I am;

But it's just a game & an empty sham.

'Cause I know I'm bad, & God knows too,

 So why should I try to hide it from you?

No, I never can hide myself from me,

I see all the sins that you cannot see;

I can fool you sometimes & put on a show,

But I never can fool myself, and so,

Why not be honest & make my confession?

so God gets the glory, & you get the lesson!


Truth is always the strongest argument.


Thou must be true thyself

If thou the truth wouldst teach;

The soul must overflow if thou

Another's soul wouldst reach;

It needs the overflow of heart

To give the lips full speech.

Think truly, and thy thoughts

Shall the world's famine feed;

Speak truly, and each word of thine

Shall be a fruitful seed;

Live truly, and thy life shall be

A great and noble creed.

                                               H. Bonar


Truth never dies, but it is often paralyzed by man's indifference.


While stationed in Japan, my brother, an Army lieutenant, was impressed with the efficient maid service in his bachelor officers' quarters. But, to remove temptation, he always hid his prized Nikon camera before leaving his room. One day he forgot and left the camera out on his bed. He was worried on his return to find it gone - until he discovered that the maid had put it back in its proper hiding place.


Truth needs no crutches; if it limps it's a lie.


A minister wound up the services one morning by saying, "Next Sunday I'm going to preach on the subject of liars. And in this connection, as a preparation for my discourse, I should like you all to read the 17th Chapter of Mark." On the following Sunday, the preacher rose to begin, & said, "Now then, all of you who have done as I requested & read the 17th Chapter of Mark, please raise you hands." Nearly every hand in the congregation went up. Then said the preacher, "You are the very people I want to talk to. There is no 17th Chapter of Mark."


There are three sides to every story; your side, my side, & the truth.


Tom & Jerry were partners in a profitable contracting business. Unfortunately, they weren't entirely honest because they mixed their paint with water. One day, Jerry's conscience started to bother him as they painted a poor widow's house. The next day Jerry told Tom he just couldn't be dishonest anymore. "Don't quit now," Tom begged. "A few more jobs & we can retire." Jerry refused to change his mind. "Tom," he said, "I just can't do it. Last night an angel stood by my bed & said, 'Repaint, you thinner.'"


Truth resisted loses power over the mind.


Agnosticism doubts truth, rationalism questions truth, infidelity scoffs at truth, logic dissects truth, education searches for truth, but Jesus said, "I AM THE TRUTH."


How good & how pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity.    Psalm 133:1


Let us follow after the things which make for peace, & things wherewith one may edify another.  Romans 14:19


A soft answer turneth away wrath.  Proverbs 15:1

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